visual practice for workshops, meetings and events.

visual facilitation.

what is it.

The essence of my visual practice is based on offering you a balance between listening, thinking and drawing. It is about translating content and dynamics into visual formats that help you to reflect and make decisions. The visual component helps you to accelerate the change process.

Imagine demystifying your system dynamics by combining the power of imagery with the spoken and written word, its meaning and visual representation.

I can design visual language for you to enhance your communications. Or through visual facilitation, I can help you give lasting meaning to your workshops, meetings and events. Additionally, we can help you organise any artsy or creative team event you'd like. I work together with you to create the solution you need.

for whom is it.

Any team or organisation that wants to leverage a unique and custom-build visual language to make faster and better decisions. Personalised visuals are a great way to create a lasting and interactive impression of your meetings, workshops and events.


explore your visual wishes.