Crossing the Edge 3
visual practice training.

graphic facilitation and visual systems coaching

  • How can you accelerate innovation by applying visual language as a trainer, coach or facilitator through a systems lens?
  • How do you harness the innovative power of visuals in training, coaching and facilitation?
  • Or perhaps you just want to have more productive and insightful meetings...
what is it.

This training is for coaches, trainers and facilitators who want to create or enlarge their graphic facilitation skills through a systems lens when facilitating, training or coaching. It can also be easily adapted for teams and organisations who want to explore the power of working visually to have more engaging meetings and events.

This training is twofold: it will help you develop your visual language and how to apply this in your training, facilitation and coaching sessions to create a unique experience for your participants.

The course offers a solid introduction into visual facilitation and how to apply it to inject innovation into the system you are working with. The models and methods used are a hybrid between visual practice essentials, relationship systems, U-Lab, agile and adult learning theories. There is no prerequisite in terms of graphic or drawing practice: you don’t need to be able to draw for this workshop, you just need to demonstrate curiosity into leveraging creative processes.

The use of visual language stimulates new meaning and insights. It promotes reflection and deep learning to increase engagement, understanding and result in a more energised transformation process. In short, this is innovating systemically through the lens of visual facilitation.

learning outcomes.

By the end of this course you will have learned:

  • How to create your visual language and building blocks for multiple purposes, including templates, posters and “killer flip charts.”
  • How to leverage visual language into coaching, pitching, journalling and storytelling.
  • How to work with basic systemic models.
  • How to unlock innovation and new perspectives using graphic facilitation in concrete projects through systemic processes.
  • How to create safety, trust and permission to cross the edge of the blank page diving into a visual practice.
for whom is it.
  • Trainers, coaches, facilitators, leaders who want to expand their delivery vocabulary, channels and language.

  • Trainers and facilitators who want to expand their facilitation and presentation skills.

  • Start-Up teams who want to inject creativity in their pitches.

  • Teams and organisations who want to use a creative process to unlock systemic innovation.

Coaching Workshop
what to expect.
  • This training takes place over two consecutive days.
  • We practice visual basics, experiential learning, and engage in an integral learning method. Exercises are hands-on and immersive, with a focus on participation and practical application.
training format.
  • Group size: 6 to 24 people
  • Instructor/participant ratio: 1:12
  • Languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese

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