bespoke communication solutions.

the communications expertise of a big player for a small budget.

ineffective communication leads to project failure.

In employee surveys and other studies, the number one cause of project failure is often ineffective communications. So often time-starved small business or lean teams do have the need but don't have the budget for an in-house communications resource to successfully launch and roll out their projects.

Although communication is everybody's responsibility in an organization, there are specific technical skills and know how that make up the expertise of a communications professional.


I offer communications support and advice to small business and teams who talk to the big organizations. I speak your language and theirs. I provide communication and editorial strategy solutions that will help you address your target audience in English and Dutch.

  • communications playbook.

    A do it yourself customizable communications kit to create your own communications materials for any project that stands or falls with impactful communications.

  • done for you.

    Bespoke communications consultancy when you need extra brainpower and more hands-on support, ranging from strategy and planning to taking care of your writing needs.

  • demystify social media.

    Creating and rolling out your social media strategy and campaigns in a simple way because social media has changed the traditional media landscape forever.


I take care of your articles, features, blogs, speeches, keynotes, communications planning, strategy, playbooks, employer branding, project and program support, change management, diversity and inclusion campaigns, vision, mission, values, purpose, web copy, biographies, profiles, social media messaging, training needs etc.

With over 15 years of experience in international corporate communications, human resources and consultancy, I know the value of a professional and quick turnaround on time and budget.

I have native proficiency in English and Dutch, full working proficiency in French and notions of German and Spanish.