becoming an influential change agent.

workshop description.

To drive sustainable and lasting change, you need to win over the hearts and minds of leaders, colleagues and influential stakeholders. This workshop focuses on building your capacity to deal with cultural change and how to influence your organisation’s readiness for change.

You will be guided through a tried and tested methodology which explores response styles to change. This allows you to start managing change using a systemic approach using three dimensions: self, others and organisation.

The first dimension we will explore is the individual. Each person holds a myriad of roles which unfold the way you think and how different parts of you guide your reactions, actions and influence your leadership style — in particular when confronted with change. Here you will learn your own response style to change and how this influences your ability to navigate change.

In the second dimension, you will learn how to leverage other people's response style to change, and understand how to work with these styles in order to reach your change and communication goals.

By leveraging others, you can activate the third dimension and have a broader impact within the organisation at large. We will help you find the appropriate leadership style to foster wider collaboration and build bridges across people and processes, which results in a more inclusive culture driven by impactful communications.

You will work with the insights from a personal change style survey, which you will complete before the training. You will also be asked to bring a real change challenge from within your organisation to apply the learning to.

This workshop is grounded in research and business cases, yet it is experiential, interactive and filled with concrete tools leading to direct action. This training not only helps build capacity for leading and communication change, but it can also be easily transferred to all change scenarios within the business. It compliments every change initiative that may already exist.

learning outcomes.
  1. Learn tools and exercises for identifying and leveraging different response styles to change to mitigate your own unconscious biases around change and transformation.
  2. Apply a simple and hands-on model for individuals, teams, and organisations to navigate change in an inclusive way.
  3. Reinforce your communications and change strategy by leveraging strengths and working around resistance to change.
  4. Use practical exercises and measures to help your teams apply the concepts to concrete change cases immediately.
  5. Empower your team to become powerful communicators and positive change advocates influencing the organisation.
who should attend.

Communication professionals, change project leads, HR professionals, employee resource group members and business leaders that are on a mission to drive change within the workplace and are willing to take responsibility for their world.

workshop format.

Group size:
12 to 36 people

Instructor/participant ratio: 1:12

Languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese

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