communicating and leading systemic change.

impactful communication and training in a changing world.
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building capacity for communicating and leading change.

training and workshops.

In order to drive sustainable and lasting change, you need to win over the hearts and minds of leaders, colleagues and influential stakeholders. This training focuses on building your capacity to deal with cultural change and how to influence your organisation’s readiness for change.

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The business case for effective change leadership is clearer than ever. There is a need for a more agile, coach-based leadership style to fill the vacuum of the breakdown of complex hierarchical structures. As global cultures are shifting, it is critical to building capacity to navigate and thrive in this constantly changing world.

Approximately 75% of all change initiatives fail. Change initiatives often don't have the intended long-term impact because their focus is solely on linear plans and processes, and because the human element gets neglected. People naturally resist change and are driven by unconscious bias. That's why it is so important to focus on the human side of change.

effective communication is the highway to success.

communication consultancy services.
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In employee surveys and other studies, the number one cause of project failure is often ineffective communications. So often time-starved small business or lean teams do have the need but don't have the budget for an in-house communications resource to successfully launch and roll out their projects.

Although communication is everybody's responsibility in an organisation, there are specific technical skills and know how that make up the expertise of a communications professional.

I offer communication services to business and teams who talk to big organisations. I speak your language and theirs. I provide communication and editorial strategy solutions that will help you address your target audience in English and Dutch.

visual facilitation and systems coaching

accelerating systems innovation training.
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This training investigates how can you accelerate innovation by applying your own visual language as a coach and facilitator through a systems lens.

It focuses on how to harness the innovative power of visuals in your coaching and facilitation practice.

giving meaning and making decisions through visual facilitation.

graphic facilitation for workshops, meetings and events.
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In this constant flux of change and overload of impulses, it can be hard to find structure and see the light.

Representing challenges visually helps you to create clarity and to make decisions in order to accelerate the change process. 

Visual facilitation is a novel way to give lasting meaning to your workshops, meetings and events.


I believe in building capacity to communicate and lead change that sticks, whether it is through delivering communications and change training, partnering as a communications consultant or leveraging visual facilitation.

My experience in implementing cultural change and communication strategies allows me to partner with my clients to pick what works and customise solutions for their context.

My solutions are hands-on and pragmatic, yet rooted in science, drawing from a multitude of proven methods and theories, including Agile, complex systems thinking, the Cynefin framework and OD Theory. While theory is important, praxis is even more so. I, therefore, focus on delivering practical and experiential solutions that make an impact in the current real world.

I believe in taking care of the human side of change by building the capacity to lead and communicate change.